Historiography Workshop: Periodization, the ‘Long Seventies,’ and Conspiracy Cinema

Date: Sunday, March 6, 4-7PM
Location: 208 Blackburn
Description: This workshop will focus on theoretical and methodological questions about historiography and periodization, while developing a digital resource through collective research.
Our specific case study will be grounded in a set of questions about the periodicity of conspiracycinema, and framed as a thought-experiment for how to historicize the ‘long seventies.’ In the ‘long seventies,’ we will consider a constellation of historical phenomena: globalization, the Cold War, neoliberalism, the ‘world sixties’ and the ‘end of the sixties,’ ‘post-colonialism,’ postmodernity, post-fordism, financialization, the ‘cultural turn,’ feminism, economic crisis, urbanization, the ‘end of history,’ etc. How does the cultural imagination of ‘conspiracy‘ become mobilized out of these historical contexts? Working alongside a filmography of conspiracycinema, we will construct a digital resource while engaging in key methodological questions about  historical representation.
The workshop will be mostly informal, after a brief introduction to the research. We’ll have snacks to share. Please bring laptops, literature, notepads, etc.

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