SILVIA FEDERICI AN OPEN DIALOGUE ABOUT STRIKES AND SOCIAL REPRODUCTION SAT. MARCH 4TH 12-2:30PM AT LOUDEN NELSON COMMUNITY CENTER, 301 CENTER ST. THE PUBLIC SCHOOL: SANTA CRUZ The Public School: Santa Cruz will be hosting Silvia Federici for an open dialogue about strikes and social reproduction on Saturday March 4th, from 12-2:30PM. This event will be…

Next Revolutionary Feminism Reading Group – Sunday May 1st 4pm

The next Revolutionary Feminism Reading Group meeting will be on Sunday May 1st, 4pm at 304 Main St, Kenan will facilitate. We will be discussing Chapter 15 on Sexuality, here is a link to the reader if you need it. If you have been thinking about joining the group but are concerned about catching up…

Experimental Writing Group – Saturday May 7, 1PM

We’ll be having our first experimental writing group meeting on Saturday May 7th, starting at 1PM. The meeting will take place at San Lorenzo Park, in downtown Santa Cruz. We’ll meet by the duck pond. Please bring a notebook and writing instrument, as well as some ideas about what kind of projects you’d be interested…

Revolutionary Feminism Reading Group — Saturday 4/2

We’ll be meeting from 4-5:45PM at 208 Blackburn to discuss the Domestic Labor chapter of our course reader. Here’s a link to the pdf in case you don’t have a physical copy:    

Revolutionary Feminism Reading Group — Sunday 3/13 6-8PM

We’ll be reading Week 12 (Wages for Housework) in our reader (see link: This week the meeting will be potluck style at Jo & Hunter’s house (118 Canfield Apt D)

Historiography Workshop: Periodization, the ‘Long Seventies,’ and Conspiracy Cinema

Date: Sunday, March 6, 4-7PM Location: 208 Blackburn Description: This workshop will focus on theoretical and methodological questions about historiography and periodization, while developing a digital resource through collective research. Our specific case study will be grounded in a set of questions about the periodicity of conspiracycinema, and framed as a thought-experiment for how to historicize…

Capitalism and Religion Meeting Time – Monday, March 7th 8pm

The next Capitalism and Religion reading group will meet Monday, March 7th at 8pm. We will cover Chapters “The Power and the Glory” and the “Appendix” of Giorgio Agamben’s The Kingdom and the Glory and pick the next text to cover. contact for location or to be added to the email list.

Revolutionary Feminism Reading Group: Saturday Feb. 27

The next Revolutionary Feminism reading group will be Feb 27th at my house: 116 Maple St. No. 1 from 4pm-5:45. We will be discussing Chapter 11 on Biological Reproduction and Nick will be facilitating (here’s a link to the reader if you need it). Additionally, here are some of the articles we discussed in addition…

Capitalism and Religon Reading Group Meeting Time – Monday February 22 8pm

The next Capitalism and Religion reading group will be Monday, February 22nd at 8pm. We will be discussing the Giorgio Agamben’s The Kingdom and the Glory pages 109-166 at a yet to be determined location. Any new interests should email Josh Brahinsky to be added to the email discussion. Possible dinner beforehand.