Love, Anarchy, and Revolution


Literature professor Chris Connery is opening his class Love, Anarchy, and Revolution to the general public. Class meets Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 2-3:10 at the Earth and Marine building, classroom B206.

Love, Anarchy, and Revolution (download syllabus)
This is an experimental course.  It’s never been taught before; it explores new territory and new combinations; it treats big questions and big problems; and it experiments with varied modes of learning, teaching, and being in class together.  For it to succeed, it needs your enthusiasm, your participation, and your willingness to experiment too.   We will talk, read, and think about love, anarchy, and revolution in an affirmative way, as ways out, as modes of liberation.  Love as liberation from self; anarchy as liberation from authority; revolution as liberation from the order of things…from time..from history.   For the collaborative learning element of this course (it satisfies the PR-E General Education Requirement), we will do a variety of group exercises and group projects.